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Why your heavy-vehicle isolators should be branded

The single flow of direction of isolated DC current for many purposes such as jump-starting the main battery or even simply for the charging, the use of an electoral isolator is quite useful. However, it’s quite evident how this sort of a need has a higher demand in the Australian community.

Hence, as in the 2020s, it’s very common to come across a number of isolator types in the market, especially the heavy-duty ones that are dangerously cheap. So, what type should you pick?

You should always go for the branded ones, and in this read, we’re going to tell you why exactly it should always be your prime choice.

Brand accountability

Automobile electricals is a field where lousy brands don’t get to sustain the public. Instead, what they do is go brandless, undercutting the quality products that heavy vehicles deserve. In such a background, going for a redarc battery isolator would be the best solution. Why so?

Being controlled by a microprocessor, the biggest significance of this isolating device is its ability not to drain the main battery. Unlike the conventional brandless isolators in the market, faulty and dangerous conditions such as voltage dropping, over-voltage, and excessive current drawing are indicated by using an LED, being able to be used with a BCDC as well.

The bottom line is that companies like REDARC are always accountable for the functionality of their devices, and that’s simply since they need to condition the spotless name they hold.

Specificity of the performance framework

Most isolators are not targeted at specific types of vehicles by the manufacturer. The poor framework just might be the reason for the isolator to perform very poorly or not at all. Isolators from a reputed brand such as REDARC are clear and concise on the types of heavy vehicles that they can be used on.

For example, these vehicle types are such as 4x4s, marine crafts, trailers, and heavy industrial vehicles that have an auxiliary battery in the system. But it’s the specificity that confirms the suitability of the device.

A wide range of variants

The brandless isolators or isolators with poor quality brands have no need of producing multiple variants of the same product since their target is undercutting with qualities that cannot be questioned following the purchase. REDARC is a brand that has over 10 specific variants of the same isolating device such as 12V and 100AMP, 12V and 200AMP, 24V and 100V, 24V and 200V, and all these four types in the dual-sensing variant and much more.

Installation guided by the manufacturer

While you can always consult a mechanic, it could be an emergency situation where that’s not exactly an option. Brands like REDARC maintains a clean and simple YouTube channel where you can do everything on your own, and that’s the kind of service you get when you shop from a reliable brand.


If not for REDARC industries, a considerable number of Australian heavy vehicles would be at risk. Now that you know that your isolating devices should be branded, along with one of the most reliable locally manufactured and operated brands, that should be your prime choice always.

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