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Vehicle Brands That Are Affordable In Every Way

In the modern age there are a number of vehicle manufacturers that have set up shop and are making vehicles that are cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. This is quite evident with the number of Chinese brands that have come into the industry in recent years. Chinese brands may be quite cheaper to buy and cheaper to run but lack reliability, which has resulted in the lesser demand for those vehicles. As a result, Japanese and some European brands are still number one when it comes to reliability along with cheap cost and maintenance. Here are just some of them:


This car manufacturer is a no brainer to many, as the vehicles they have been producing over the years have always been in the good books of many a consumer. One such car that has outsold even European vehicles over the years is the Toyota Corolla. Due to its generic design and generic features of the time, the vehicle really had no place to go wrong with the average consumer. Thus the reason as to why the vehicle manufacturer still reigns as one of the best in terms of affordability and reliability.


An alternative to Toyota has always been its Japanese competitor, Nissan. This is because when Toyota fails, Nissan prospers. Nissan too has a number of models that are made to serve a wide variety of consumer needs. One such model that has become a hit by many is the Nissan Sunny. Especially seen in the Asian countries, the car has long been known as a car for the people due to the affordability and reliability.


Moving out from the Japanese brands and moving into the more western car manufacturers, Ford is just one manufacturer that would fit the bill. Started by Henry Ford who built the mass-produced Model-T, Ford’s heritage of producing cars at affordable prices still endure today, making it all the more enticing for the masses to purchase. Moreover, spare parts for this vehicle can be found with ease through Jefferson Ford Parts. As a result of Ford’s constant move towards having vehicles that serve various niche audiences; the company has also been a dominating figure in the more normal vehicle models. Such models that have prospered are the Ford Capri, Cortena, and the Mondeo to name but a few of them.


No one can leave Britain out of the mix when it comes to making affordable vehicles for the masses though. This is because Vauxhall too has a similar philosophy of Ford, in that they aim to provide good quality vehicles at the best possible price. Such vehicle models are the Vectra, Monaro, and the Cavalier. All these vehicles are still being used and sold in the second hand market even today.

Looking to buy a car soon? On a budget? Well, looking into these car brands will certainly give you a good pool of options to choose from, thus making it possible to take a better decision.

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