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Things That Revolutionized the World

Viewed in contemporary society any gadget is actually normal, and to some it does not even fit to the category of things that can be called amazing or ground-breaking. But to see things in the grand lens of human evolution across time, on how we got where we are today, things tend to become a little bit more interesting. One might obviously point out, we have not gotten too far with our evolutionary track, but to say that we have not gotten anywhere is a bit of an understatement.

We have obviously paved a way for ourselves and we have indeed carved out a great and wonderful monolith for ourselves in terms of our technology and how we have utilized it for our own benefit and how, in turn, it changed our lives.

There was a time when human beings where not able to comprehend that a circle shape has one of the greatest use in terms of mobility, and somewhere along the line we did in fact discovered it for ourselves that circle things can be wheels, that fire can cook food and can make the flavour much better, that pots can store food and water, and tools can make life easier. And from there we made ourselves tools that are much better than the ones we used.

Here are some things that we invented which revolutionized the course of human history:


The need to be heard and to communicate is inherent in us, and it is through this need that a vacuum is filled. Man found that by utilizing other means other than themselves they can communicate through long distances, thus they utilized the written word and sent it as letter, but as history unfolded, the phone was invented and the world has not been the same ever since.

Emails, text messages, and even private messages through any platforms have been sent thru and read on mobile phones. Mobile phones today have internet capabilities and application programs that can make life easier.

Transpiration Machines

Man was created not to be static and stay at one place, but rather we are mobile and agile beings that we are able to move through terrains just to explore territories which bear a promise for success. What we were in ancient time is still what we are now, we are still moving through unknown terrains and other places to look for opportunities for school, jobs, quality life, and most notably success.

Thus, it makes it notable that we have built for ourselves a number of machines that can take us anywhere. We have cars, trains, and airplanes of varying types. We have even made some improvements, notably today people buy Segway Ninebot Max scooters to get to work and also for hobby purposes, there is no end for our innovations with travelling.


Among all other, computer is by far the best machine that was built by man that has profoundly changed the history of man. Through computer man has built for himself a technology that can communicate, it can make extremely fast calculations within a small timeframe, and it can command other gadgets and sometimes governments and its institutions.

Man is by far the apex predator that has walked on earth, not because of his aggression but through his technology.

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