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The Top 6 Soccer Essentials

Playing the sport or just big fan soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. Soccer is not limited to teams but brings friends, ethnicities and countries together. It takes great pride to play the sport. Whether you are still on the bench, acing a killer pass or saving a goal, below is a guide to the essential accessories a soccer player requires to score in the sport.

Soccer Boots

This speaks for itself. A pair of soccer boots is “the” essential item to begin playing soccer and is by far the most important from them all. Boots are built differently to enhance performance and may vary in quality over the variety of brands available. However, when deciding on a pair of boots, always look for what fits your criteria.

Soccer Jersey

Barcelona, Arsenal or Manchester United, your jersey shows your support. Regardless if you are a hard-core fan or it is simply for kicks owning a jersey with the name of your favourite player or team is an achievement in itself. Hence should be worn with pride.


No sport shoes should be worn without socks. This is why soccer socks are so important. Comfort, thickness and protection are the greatest dependents on choosing socks for the sport. It is vital for socks to have a certain level of thickness so that it protects the shinbone while playing.

Similarly, when playing excessively toe and feet are severely prone to injuries even with the use of the boots. Therefore, socks act as a double layer of protection and providing comfort while playing. Socks are also a fashion statement. So, go all out with those neon greens and blues. Distract your opponent with funky designs and patterns.

Shin Guards

No pain is greater than having a soccer ball being kicked straight to your shinbone. It is enough to knock you off your feet… literally. When purchasing shin guards, it is recommended to buy one that will fit your leg. The amount of padding should be considered thoroughly too.

Soccer Gloves

Broken knuckles are a big no-no. So why go through all that pain when you can protect your fingers in a comfortable and cushioned pair of gloves. Factors to consider when purchasing gloves, better the grip, more the saves. Therefore, always see to buy a pair of gloves with a good grip and firm cushioning up to the wrists. In this too size matter, the better fitting the glove the better the performance.

Equipment Bag

This sums up all the other accessories. All your equipment should be protected. Investing in a good equipment bag to hold all your soccer accessories may seem trivial but think of it as protection for your greatest assets.

Once your bag is stuffed with all your equipment there is only one thing left to do. So, go ahead switch the play, dribble passed the defence and strike your goal. With your soccer accessories sorted the pitch is your oyster.

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