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Pros and Cons of Buying Used Auto Parts Online

Buying spare parts for your ride is one of the most fun yet overwhelming tasks that you might have to go through. When it is the time to repair your old ride, you will have to make a decision between buying used auto parts and OEMs – or parts from original equipment manufacturers. Even though the latter often seems to be the best option, aftermarket or used auto parts have gained a lot of popularity due to their lower prices.

Frankly, you might score better deals at a junkyard or online stores, and save tons of money if you know how to find and spot the right ones. However, this process will always have pros and cons, and making the right compromise is often the key. If you are planning to buy parts for your car, here are the most discussed pros and cons that you must keep in mind to find the best available deals.


Obvious factor to consider when buying aftermarket vehicle parts is the price. but there are more things to consider in terms of price. OEM parts can be nearly 60% more expensive than the used or aftermarket parts. When you take your ride to a professional auto care centre, they will often recommend you to get genuine and brand-new parts because they have pre-agreements with manufacturers, or they are the authorized sellers. Although it is always a good idea to choose brand new parts, sometimes you can opt for aftermarket parts without any problem and save money!

In addition, you will have a vast range of options when you are shopping for used parts online. While you will have one option if you opt for OEM parts, aftermarket online stores will offer you multiple options. For instance, if you are looking for an oil catch can, you can browse hundreds of cheaper deals to find the one that you need online. When you buy used auto parts online, you will also be able to skip the part where you look for a particular part in a junkyard. Online shopping can save you a lot of time too.


Online purchases can be risky since you will be using your social security details on internet. When you are shopping for an expensive vehicle part, whether it is brand new or used, you must always look for sites that offer secure payment options. Unfortunately, internet is filled with scams and sites that are not reliable. This can be a drawback but you can easily avoid it if you are careful enough!

Warranty is another factor you will miss when shopping used auto parts online. Most vehicle parts are vital and it is a better to have a reliable warranty that ensures product quality. However, if you are opting for online auto shops that sell used spare parts, obtaining a warranty can be quite difficult. As you can understand, all these cons can be avoided with a bit of research and seeking recommendations from trustworthy sources.

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