Quick Fit Motorsport supply, fit and tune almost every aftermarket ECU. However, we specialise and recommend the Autronic systems.

Autronic Autronic

Autronic has a no compromise approach to reliability of its Engine Management and Analysis hardware. This means that by specifying Autronic, you make sure that your engine will always perform at its best. When serious engine builders set about building winning combinations, they first specify Autronic Engine Management Systems.

Autronic Engine Management Systems cover the entire range of applications from Competition and Recreational Automotive, Marine, Aeronautical and Motorcycles. If it has an internal combustion engine, Autronic can supply an Engine Management System to accurately control the metering of fuel and distribute precise ignition timing.

Buying an Autronic product is a guarantee that you have bought equipment which has been designed by the best electronics engineer in the business and is production engineered to standards which are also the best in the business.

From the outset, the Autronic range of Engine Management Systems and Analysis Equipment were designed to integrate with one another. Autronic totally eliminates incompatible software and hardware. The ECU software will control all other units, from the Autronic CDI and telemetry to diagnosis through the Air Fuel Ratio Meters.

The new internationally adopted ‘Radio Frequency Interference Regulations’ necessitate (RFI) compliance of all products in the marketplace. All Autronic hardware is designed to comply with (and exceed) the most stringent Australian and European requirements.

These extremely low emissions guarantee there is no interference with other on board equipment. More important however, is the advanced filtering circuitry which makes all units extremely tolerant to outside electrical interference. This benefits the user by eliminating interference arising from installation problems and anomalous behavior under extreme operating conditions.

For more information : www.autronic.com.au

Using a dynamics dyno we can tune any engine setup, whether it be forced induction or naturally aspirated. All tuning is carried out by experienced technicians. Mixtures are monitored constantly by an Autronic Meter.
Some of the systems we tune include:

Dyno Dynamics

- Autronic
- Haltech
- Link
- Microtech
- Wold 3D